Mindful Movement  is an evidence-based program that introduces yoga poses in a fun environment to improve strength and flexibility.  Mindfulness exercises increase the capacity to focus on the task at hand.  Breath work helps the student become aware of his/her emotional and energetic state and practice tools to achieve balance.  Playful games and music make for a developmentally appropriate yoga experience!

Children's Yoga Instructor: BETH HALLER 

Beth Haller is a Level 3 certified instructor in Children’s Yoga and Mindfulness through the Little Flower/School Yoga Project of New York City.  She is also a 200 hour certified yoga instructor in the ashtanga vinyasa-power yoga style.  Her love of yoga began in 2002 when she attended prenatal yoga classes in Philadelphia.  Now a mother of three, she enjoys sharing these tools for increased focus, strength, and physical and emotional balance that yoga offers with the youth in our community.

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